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who we are?

Established in 2001, Gharana Associates Infra Promoters Pvt. Ltd. (GAIP) is one of the most prominent and respected real estate company having it's head office at Gaya. Our passion for creating homes and commitment to excellence has brought lifetime happiness to our customers.

what we offer?

GAIP team has a combination of managerial and technical expertise that infuses a fresh, yet knowledgeable, outlook on the needs of today's marketplace. With fifteen years' experience, GAIP has built a lot of houses - yours could be next!

Since inception the company has promoted fair business policies and now it has consciously and successfully coupled it with aesthetic design and modern engineering. GAIP has developed more than 4 Lakhs sq.ft. of projects at prime locations in Gaya. Project planning, optimum use of space, aesthetics, and on-time execution is of paramount importance to the company. All our projects embody a paradise where the beauty of nature unfolds in all its grandeur.

In our present and future endeavors, we aim to exceed your expectation by providing superior quality in construction and services while building spacious homes with modern facilities at affordable price.We hope that you will join us in this journey as we work towards building homes of your dream.

Our Mission: We will continuously strive to provide the best customer experience - Tomorrow, better than today.By developing landmark properties and housing complexes in record time – at prices people can easily afford, outperforming our promises through continuous innovations and improvements in designs, specifications and service standards.We will deal fairly and squarely with our stakeholders, partners, employees, suppliers, bankers, investors and regulators. We will contribute in transforming our nation from a developing to a developed one by being a responsible corporate and taking every opportunity to make this country a better place to live-in.


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